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Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching and whitening are cosmetic dental procedures aimed at lightening the color of teeth and removing stains or discoloration.

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Here are six benefits of teeth bleaching and whitening:

Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance

Teeth bleaching and whitening procedures can significantly improve the appearance of teeth by removing surface stains and lightening tooth color. This cosmetic enhancement results in a brighter, more youthful smile, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Teeth bleaching and whitening are non-invasive dental procedures that do not require alterations to the natural tooth structure. Unlike restorative treatments such as veneers or crowns, bleaching and whitening preserve the integrity of the teeth while enhancing their appearance.

Customized Treatment Options

Teeth bleaching and whitening treatments offer various options tailored to individual needs and preferences. Patients can choose from in-office bleaching performed by dental professionals or at-home whitening kits with custom-fitted trays, allowing for flexibility and convenience.

Safe and Effective

Teeth bleaching and whitening procedures conducted under the supervision of dental professionals are safe and effective when performed using approved dental products and techniques. These treatments are designed to minimize tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Removal of Stains and Discoloration

Teeth bleaching and whitening effectively remove extrinsic stains caused by factors such as coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, or certain foods. Additionally, these procedures can lighten intrinsic stains caused by aging, medications, or fluorosis, restoring a brighter and more uniform tooth color.

Improved Oral Health Habits

Teeth bleaching and whitening can motivate individuals to maintain good oral hygiene habits and lifestyle choices to preserve their newly whitened smile. Patients often become more conscious of their dental care routine, including regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings.

What is teeth bleaching?

Teeth bleaching and whitening are cosmetic dental procedures designed to lighten the color of teeth and remove stains or discoloration. These treatments aim to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth, resulting in a brighter and more attractive smile.

Overall, teeth bleaching and whitening offer an effective and minimally invasive solution for improving the appearance of stained or discolored teeth, enhancing dental aesthetics, and restoring confidence in one's smile.

How do we do it?

Custom bleaching trays are created for each arch by taking an alginate impression. The impressions are poured up in stone and a custom-made tray if fabricated. Carbamide peroxide is the agent used to create the bleaching effect.

A small application of this gel is placed in each of the trays and patients wear the trays 30-60 minutes each night until desired effects are achieved. Fluoride should be used to aid in decreasing sensitivity as sensitivity is one of the possible side effects of tooth whitening.

Only natural tooth will exhibit a shade change, porcelain crowns or bondings on teeth will not change color. Ask your dentist today if you are a candidate for tooth whitening.