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About Lovell Family Dentistry

While Lovell Family Dentistry came into existence in December 2012, the foundation for our practice was initiated back in 1962.

Drs. Harold Taylor and Robert ’Bob’ Adams had a vision for a dental practice over fifty years ago that was very progressive for the times, as the exact same facility is being used today in a more modern and functional way.

Drs. Taylor and Adams took a leap of faith on the Churchland Boulevard site as their practice was essentially in the middle of nowhere. The Sterling Point and Green Acres neighborhoods were still being developed back then, but they sensed future growth and development. Their office featured an integrated waiting room, multiple dental operatory anda separate reading room for kids, which for this time was unheard of.

In 1963, their third partner, Dr. Samuel Bisese, was brought on to expand the dental needs of Portsmouth, Virginia. Over the next decade, their Churchland practice continued to grow and serve the dental needs of folks from all over Hampton Roads. Dr. James ’Jim’ Kail joined the group in 1975, followed by Dr. Walter Cox being added in 1976.

The partnership of Drs. Bisese, Kail and Cox was a staple dental practice in Churchland for 30 years. After a fulfilling career, Dr. Bisese retired in 2002. Drs. Kail and Cox followed him into retirement a decade later in January of 2013.

On December 10, 2012, Drs. Eric B. Lovell and Mary ’Mim’ Lovell purchased the practice of Drs. Cox and Kail. They returned to Portsmouth after practicing dentistry in Charlottesville for seven years. They love serving the Tidewater community and are grateful to continue the dental legacy of Drs. Adams, Taylor, Bisese, Kail and Cox here at 5717 Churchland Boulevard.

Drs. Eric and Mim along with the past partners mentioned above graduated from Medical College of Virginia.