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Tooth Bonding

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding can create a strong, balanced, and beautiful smile. This procedureis one of the easiest ways to fill small cracks, chips, gaps and other imperfections. While for major issues porcelain veneers may be necessary, cosmetic bonding can be an excellent solution for minor dental issues.

Firstly, your dentist applies a special cleaning agent on any affected teeth to make the surface adequate for the bonding material to adhere to. Next, your dentist applies a dental resin that is custom-made to match your natural teeth. An LED light or laser is used to harden the material, and once hardened, your dentist polishes and shapes the teeth for a natural-looking smile. The bonding process is usually completed in one office visit,is virtually painless and gives immediate results.

In just one visit, you can enjoy a a rejuvenated, radiant smile! Cosmetic bonding can often be an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, lasting 5 to 10 years with proper care.